Sunday, September 05, 2010

The Probationer becomes a Mentor

So it really has been a while. I think 2007 was my last post.
I have been a teacher now for 4 years and how time flies when you are having fun...or (rather being busy). To think that all those years ago I was posting about: not being able to do the job, thinking about leaving teaching, getting stressed out because of the work load. Well, not too much has changed from those days because I still have days like I did in my probation year but it does get easier and more enjoyable.

The probationer has now become a mentor (not exactly sure if I'm a great mentor) but I am still a mentor. I use to believe that I was completely under qualified to mentor a probationer however now I believe I have the confidence and experience to guide someone who is at the stage that I was only 4 years ago. It actually makes you revaluate your teaching and inspire you to do better in the classroom.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Hard work pays off

I have not made an entry in my blog for a long time, but since its the Easter holidays and I have nothing much else to do, I thought that I would blog it.

Anyway, since the last time I wrote, I have been really busy in school (like most teachers at this time) marking projects etc and getting pupils prepared for exams.

Not only that but I was busy filing out application forms for jobs....and I am glad to say that I have got a permanent job in the school that I am currently in. I am sooo excited and happy that I will be staying in a school for longer than a year and I am very fortunate as jobs are very hard to come by. My hard work throughout the year has obviously paid off. I believe that the main reason that I got the job, was not the fact that I am a fabulous teacher or anything (YET) but the fact that I am continually striving to better myself and that I am 100% committed to working with pupils. I obviously have lots of development to do( what teacher has'nt) but I am a lucky that I am able to do it in the school that I am currently in.

My advice to anyone applying for jobs at the moment is:

  • Big up yourself - sell yourself and always be positive.
  • Always relate everything you do back to the benefit of pupils.
  • Show your enthusiam.
  • Smile lots and show that you love teaching.
  • Practice answers in your head before you have an interview.

I know that next year is going to be even tougher for me. Especially since the other member of my department is leaving - and I may have to teach Advanced Highers.!!!! But I am looking forward to the challenge and seeing pupils develop through the stages!!!!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Its been a while....

Its been a while, I know....but that is teaching for you. Really, I have had nothing to complain about or worry about ( or I have but I am just learning to deal with things). anyone out there?

Does every teacher have a bad day and question whether teaching is for them or not??

I want to be a good teacher but it is just not happening. I can see the kids looking at me thinking "what on earth is she talking about?..she knows nothing". Its when I stand up in front of them..and rubbish comes out of my mouth. I felt more confident when I was a student teacher..its really strange.

And this year is going in sooo fast. I will be applying for permanent jobs very soon and it scares me...but yet it excites me also. I do love the school that I am in at the moment, but the idea of starting again sounds good....I can leave all my mistakes behind!!!! A fresh start!!!! Sometimes I wish I could turn back the clock and change a few things!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Winding down

Thought I'd put a picture of me here...This is me in London pretending to be a Dj!!!!!

Only two weeks to go until Christmas!!! Whoo hoo. Don't get me wrong...I am liking my job but I am in real need of a holiday...I am starting to wind down for the Christmas I too early????


I still have lots of work to do however, Marking!!!!!! I have finished marking my 4th year prelims and I must say I am both very surprised and very disappointed with some of the results. The ones that I thought would pass, did not and the ones who I was concerned about - did!!!! I dunno.

Off that topic...I was thinking about starting up a homework blog with one or two of my classes. Can anyone think of any suggestions as to how I may use a blog for homework.
I was thinking about offering it as homework help/reminder thing. Has anyone got a homework blog already??

What do you think?

Friday, November 10, 2006


not really...

Now this rarely happens in teaching - an extra day off. But it happened today and I will remember it for the rest of my career.

There was a fire in the school assembly hall and we all got sent home. Fortunately, it happened at 7am this morning and no-one was hurt.

Now although I was happy about getting an extra day off - I was actually looking forward to going to school (for once). Shame.

I decided that I would take myself into town and buy even more clothes - it seems that all of the kids had the same idea.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It'g good to.....


I have recently discovered that teaching is not an individual activity - meaning you are not alone.

Just when you think that your lessons are crap and your behaviour management is bad - you talk to another teacher in another subject and they are having the same problems with the exact same bunch of kids. So ALL IS NOT BAD!!! I AM NOT ALONE..

I was having a particular problem with one teenager, who was not working in class and being slightly disruptive. Anyway, I was talking to my mentor about this kid and it turns out she also taught him/her. She was able to show me the work he/she had produced for her and she also gave me some hints on how to interact with him/her , having taught him/her for two years. This enabled me to motivate him/her into being more productive in class.

SO NOTE TO SELF: if you are having a problem - TALK TO OTHERS.


I am thinking about setting up a cheerleading club
in school. Good idea??

Friday, November 03, 2006

Who wants to.....

be in an accounts class last last period on a Friday?????

Me but not the kids. As soon as they step foot in my classroom on friday afternoon its like the weekend has begun. I have tried to stimulate their little minds in other ways - like playing beat the class and what's in the accountant's bag - but even then they can't concentrate. At least I know its not just me - it happens to every teacher last period on a Friday.

But I love accounts!

Anyway, I had a sucessful lesson today with my fourth year class. I let two pupils "be the teacher" and write the other pupils' answers on the blackboard. They really enjoyed it and the whole class were quiet. Note to self - be interactive - get pupils to do the work.

All in all, a good day for Miss K.