Friday, January 20, 2006

Good bye 23.......!!!!

Tomorrow is my birthday and I will be 24. Maybe, this will be a good thing, and because I am older....I will actually feel like a teacher. In my first placement, I was having this whole issue about AGE, because my pupils thought that I looked about 17!!!!!!!!!!! This did not give me a lot of confidence; and nor did I feel old enough to be teaching 14 year old kids. NOW, I think I am moving in the right direction.....I may look like I am 17....(Oil of Olay does wonders) but I need to get into the teacher frame of mind from now on. We shall see.

After the lecture this morning at Jordanhill, I have become inspired and have loads of ideas of how to tackle my next teaching placement. It was all about thinking outside the black box; in terms of assessment and learning, and how that pupils do not benefit from getting graded. They should be provided with more feedback and comments to encourage learning. Two Stars and a wish was talked about, but I am going to turn that into "Two assets and a liabilitiy"...meaning two great things about a pupil's work and something they can work on.

So we go out for a days visit to our schools on Monday.....and I am looking forward to getting in again. I still need to work on my any make me super confident...then HELP me...

Sunday, January 15, 2006


One of the first times...I miss a lecture (honestly).....and my blog gets a shout out!!!!! The moral of the story is....never get the flu. To be honest, I would have gone completely red and hid under my massive long scarf (that I got for christmas), if I was asked to stand up and identify myself. I would like to apologise to David Muir for letting the blogging and Computing side down!!!!!!!!! I will be there at the next one. Just so you know, "this morning" was not up to much.

For those who are visiting my blog for the first time (as a result of the ICT lecture or whatever) I would totally recommend blogging..... It is just like keeping a diary....but its not secret and people can reply to you. A great idea.... By keeping a blog throughout my placement enabled me to be a "reflective practicioner" and allowed me to put things into perspective (about my teaching and what not). I have also had some great advice from teachers and other people too; and what is good is that non of these people know you, so they are honest. What would be good, is that if load of students started blogging - we could all help each other through the busiest most difficult year of our academic lives ( Well it is for me).

Anyway, time for bed for me....I still have the plague.....and I don't want to miss my lectures tomorrow.