Friday, November 11, 2005

Dancing Queen......

Today, I decided to join the senior Choir.. extra brownie points for ME....We sang "Dancing Queen" and westlife's new song "You raise me up", it was great fun. I definitely recommend a student to join a club or take part in extra curricular activities, does wonders for taking your mind off marking.

I had first years today, did I really look that young when I was in First year? I thought that I was really old1!! They actually listen to what I was telling them.....won't last for long I don't think.

Thank goodness it's friday that is all I can say.

I survive my first week of teaching!!!!! Yipeeee. Bring on my salary

Senior pupils...a little scary!!

Today, was more of an observation day but I did have experience of being in a Higher Accounts class. My PT said "how do you fancy taking a couple of lessons soon". Again, I felt the nerves from head to foot and I said that I would see how things go. He then gave me the opportunity to go around the class and help them with questions, and I surprisingly did good (in my opinion). This was the first day that I really felt like a teacher, and I totally enjoyed being in with senior pupils. I was able to explain the concepts to them, without even thinking. Since it had been almost 3 years since I have done any accounting, I was amazed how much I actually remembered from my degree!!!!!!! The senior pupils were more focused to their work, and in general I felt it was a nice atmosphere to work in, and I look forward to being involved in more Higher classes.

I also shared the concept of Blogging today with another student in my department, and maybe she will be the next blogger.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

My fiirst lesson....arrrghhh.

First week of my placement

When the class teacher told me yesterday that I should start a new topic with the class, I felt the nerves travel from my head to my foot. A day to prepare. Yikes!!!!! My previous preparations involved a couple of days. That was the gym out for me last night.....

I was nervous about doing it, but I had to realise, that was what I was there for, and the sooner I get in their the better. When I said to my Dad when I told him I thought that I was being thrown in at the deep end, he told me that "I would just have to get in the water and swim", and he told me "you are a pretty good swimmer". That gave me the confidence that I needed for today.

I got on fine (I think). I appeared confident in my lesson, however my classroom management needs a lot of work. But, I have only been in charge for 1 hour, so I know that I can improve on this.....

To Probation year......and beyond.