Thursday, December 15, 2005

I'm a student teacher.......get me out of here.

Today is my last day of my first placement!!!! And boy I am tired. If any of my friends (who are not teachers ) comment that teachers have an easy life, what with all those holidays. I will have SOMETHING to say to them. Teacher's work really really hard, and I salute them for that.

Overall, I have enjoyed my placement at the school. I have had a really supportive department which was a huge asset to me. I know my areas that I need to work on, and I know what my strengths are. Hopefully I will be able to turn my weaknesses into strengths and my strengths into stronger ones. But, I still need to go back to university in order to learn more and prepare myself for my next placement (wherever that may be). I just hope that next placement will be good, if not better than the first.

I have accepted that sometimes kids just behave badly, and if you have a bad class - it is not necessarily your fault. You can help them in the best way that you can. I still need to work on 'being the boss', which I am finding it hard to do. My parents seem to think that this should be easy for me because apparently I am very bossy at home. What I have realised that I am only bossy when I am comfortable in a place, but as time goes on I will have more confidence in the classroom, so being 'the boss' should come eventually.

Anyway, I am about to have my last class here at this school. I am taking another teacher's class who is absen, so that should be fun. I intend not to shout, because I have developed that sore throat and cold that teachers seem to get this time of year.

I am off to London on Monday for a well deserved break with one of my friends (who is also doing her PGCE). We got a really good mini-break deal - and are going to see NOT 1 musical, but 2.(we are musical buffs). Billy Elliot on the Monday and Guys and Dolls (starring Nigel Harman) on Tuesday night.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Dairy Milk is the better option!!!

In response to David's last comment, I believe that Dairy Milk is more of a safe option. Opinion polls show that Dairy Milk is the favourite, and seeing as I am allergic to egg (and Mars Bars have egg in it) I would not give eggy sweets to the kids. This is more of a selfish reason really, because if they refuse to take a prize, I can eat it instead.

It is my last week of school this week, and just when you start to feel comfortable in a place it is time to leave. I have enjoyed myself in school, but I need a break. I also need to go back to uni to learn more. I have been to 97% of the lectures at uni, but this experiences has taught me that I should go to ALL of them. Did anyone see Teacher Teacher on BBC 1 last week? Well, one of the students said that he did not feel that he needed to go to lectures because they were all s**T . I totally disagree, I am not sure what Aberdeen University is like, but the majority of the lectures at Jordanhill are really interesting. Sure, some of the lectures are a bit dry sometime - but the majority of the lectures are very interesting and worthwhile. Saying that lectures are a big pile of horse crap is nonsense, and it's a rude really. For once in my life - I do not fall asleep at lectures!!!!!

I was really embarrassed today too. My text message alert tone is of one of my friends saying "Two steps back man, two steps back" in a really deep American accent. (A Summer camp thing from two years ago -featuring a New York Police Man and a traffic cone)!!!! Anyhoo. It went off infront of all the staff when we were having coffee!!!!!! The think I am very strange was funny.

Speaking of Summer Camp that is a whole different topic, I actually might start a blog for that too...