Friday, November 10, 2006


not really...

Now this rarely happens in teaching - an extra day off. But it happened today and I will remember it for the rest of my career.

There was a fire in the school assembly hall and we all got sent home. Fortunately, it happened at 7am this morning and no-one was hurt.

Now although I was happy about getting an extra day off - I was actually looking forward to going to school (for once). Shame.

I decided that I would take myself into town and buy even more clothes - it seems that all of the kids had the same idea.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It'g good to.....


I have recently discovered that teaching is not an individual activity - meaning you are not alone.

Just when you think that your lessons are crap and your behaviour management is bad - you talk to another teacher in another subject and they are having the same problems with the exact same bunch of kids. So ALL IS NOT BAD!!! I AM NOT ALONE..

I was having a particular problem with one teenager, who was not working in class and being slightly disruptive. Anyway, I was talking to my mentor about this kid and it turns out she also taught him/her. She was able to show me the work he/she had produced for her and she also gave me some hints on how to interact with him/her , having taught him/her for two years. This enabled me to motivate him/her into being more productive in class.

SO NOTE TO SELF: if you are having a problem - TALK TO OTHERS.


I am thinking about setting up a cheerleading club
in school. Good idea??