Monday, March 20, 2006

To camp or not to camp?????

To keep my blog readers happy(meaning Mum) I have decided to write again.

I am faced with the dilema of whether or not to go and work for a couple of weeks in the summer at my friends Summer camp in New Hampshire (USA). He has just started his Summer Camp, and this will be his first summer therefore he has asked me to be part of his experience. Although he really wants me to come over, he understands my situation at the moment (not knowing where I will be come August)/starting a new job etc etc. The camp runs from the 21st of July till the 21st of August, and I know that I won't be able to stay the whole time, but even if its for a couple of weeks he is egar to have me there.

Is it a good idea to work with Kids in my summer break???? Should I have a break altogether?? These are the questions on my mind.

As I was saying to my Mummy the other day, being at Summer camp is hard work...( I have spent two summers at an American Summer camp a couple of years ago) BUT its fun also. Plus I really really want to be part of this whole experience for my friend. I don't like missing out.

Ahhhhh.....I actually should be concentrating on my essay before I think about the summer...which is what I am going to do now...(after Neighbours).

Funny thing happened to me this morning. I somehow, got locked in my flat and for a moment I was thinking I would have to get the firemen to rescue me....BUT I got a ladder and managed to climb out of the window...falling on the grass at the bottom. Then I managed to open the door from the outside....

It was funny...for someone watching anyway.