Wednesday, May 17, 2006

They think it's all over.......

Well it nearly is....Today I had my last 'crit' of my student year. Thank goodness it went reasonably well, because I don't think I could cope with another night of not being able to sleep, and dreaming about it. Last night I hardly slept.

In my lesson today, I felt the most comfortable that I have been in a classroom. I can already, see that I am becoming more confident and assertive. Today's area's for development were:

The pace of my lesson. I think that this will come as I get more experienced, and more familar with the kids. Coming down to teach kids at a basic level is quite difficult and therefore I have to take him to think my explanations through. So that's not all bad.

My probing during questioning. I have to make sure that I do not spoonfeed them, or talk when they are trying to write things down...I forget that like men (joking) kids cannot multi-task.

So it was not a major disaster....I am practically a teacher now!!!!! With the exception of a few more interviews with tutors and an assignment/paperwork to be handed in. Man it feels good.

Then I had the class from hell last period....and I I was back at square 1. The kids were cheeky, RUDE, and I felt sorry for the good kids cause I do not think I taught them anything. But then the real teachers in my department, said that it was nothing to do with me....but the mix of I should not worry about it.. BUT I DO.

Anyway...I am thinking that I will continue my blog through my probation you think it is worthwhile?

And that