Friday, March 03, 2006

For those down days.....there is always an up!!!!

Tuesday...I had two awful lessons. As a teacher I sucked BIG time ...and the kids were running rings around me. My classroom management and assertiveness was rubbish. That got me really depressed and thinking...will it be like this always??? BUT.....

the next day...I went in to the classes KNOWING that I needed to work on these things...which I did....and the lesson went really well. I have now come to realise that second year pupils DO not follow instructions very well, nor can they work through a work booklet very well either. Therefore I have come to the conclusion that you need to demonstrate what you want the kids to do...and have work booklets to reinforce it. I felt much more in control of the class...and as a result the kiddywinkles got much more work done and the lesson was more of a success.

After today....only 5 more days of my second placement...I can hardly believe it. It is a pity...because I have just began to feel comfortable in the school and I am building up a rapport with my classes. It is a real shame...I won't be at this school for my probation year, because it is a fantastic department..

Red wine night tonight with my friends!!! Can't wait