Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I'm Lovin it........MCDonald's that is.

Only kidding, I am actually really enjoying myself on placement. And yes, teaching programming is rather fun. I am learning it along with the kids, so I am more likely to experience the same type of problems as they will encounter. I am also liking this whole thing of 'peer learning', If I don't know what has gone wrong, I say "Has anyone done this part?....maybe you could explain it to x" IT's Great.

I really like my department too, everyone is really nice and the P.T is especially nice. All in all, its a really happy department. A happy department, makes happy kids!!!!! The only thing that I would change about the placement, is the fact that I have not met any of the other students at the school. Last placement, we all met up at lunch time in the staff room - and we chatted about our difficulties, talked about our assignments etc. I feel that I would benefit from maybe a weekly meeting with the other students.

Not enjoying the early mornings though, and the 1 hour travel time! Its playing havick with my bodyclock.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Mid- course Blues!!!!

The word on the street is, that everyone of my friends and people on my course are really de-motivated about going on their second placement. (I know I am anyway). Maybe this is because we are not looking forward to the amount of work that will be coming our way in the next few weeks. I am really struggling to find the motivation to get organised for my next placement; which I know that I should be...but I am not. I am sure that once I get in school I will be fine. It's funny though, because we have to remind ourselves that come August we will be doing this full time, and their won't be little breaks at Uni for us to go to.

It is only 6 weeks, it will go past really quickly.

On the postive front, I feel slightly more confident about teaching programming now. I may not know all about the subject, and be the best programmer ever...but I am going to give it a go.