Wednesday, February 22, 2006

One crit over.....2 more to go.....

Phewwwww Glad that is over. I had my first crit yesterday and it went surprisingly well. Although I would have liked to get a video camera in to record me teaching - so I could see and hear what I sounded like. Poor kids who have to listen to my voice!!!!!!!!!! I annoy myself sometimes. I am glad it went well and I am relieved that the first one is over.

I was so tired last night that I collapsed on the sofa.....that was after doing power aerobics!!!!

I am always scared when a tutor comes to visit me.....but they are not as scary as you think.

Till the next one!!!!! Second years --- doing Publisher.....trying to think of an exciting thing I can make them do.

Right, my LTS article is out along with my top ten tips!!!! Check it out if you want....

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Good things happen to those who...........


When I got a phonecall from David Muir at school, I thought "what have I done?". Blogging thats what I did, anyway to cut a long story short, David recommended me to Learning Teaching Scotland to write a new article for the website/email bulletin. So I did, and the article is ready for publication. So I have blogging to thank (and David Muir) for making me a published article writer person, which I will be able to include in my personal Portfolio!!!!!!!!! Now, I am heading for a TV documentary!!!!!!!! Would the makers of Teacher Teacher (a documentary following Student Teachers which was on in November) like to do another series following the life of a probation Student??????? I think it is an excellent idea.


My first "crit" is on Tuesday,...and I don't think I have been more prepared for one yet. I just need to remember my timings and not talk for too long. It is not the most exciting of lessons - but it was appropriate for the stage and level of the class. As all my pupils are at different stages I decided do to a lesson which everyone could complete. Here's hoping that the computers are working, because what do you do in computing if the computers don't work??????????

I must start thinking of a back-up plan!!!!!!!

Only 3 more weeks, that's 14 days ( we miss out one friday) till I finish my second placement. TO think...I was dreading my computing placement (and Doing Programming) BUT programming is turning out to be a great subject to teach. The funny thing is that I actually understand it, which I did not have a scoobie doo (clue) when I was studying it last year. I never understood what a Variable was until I had to explain it to the kids!!!!!