Thursday, August 10, 2006

Its the final countdown

Now, before I was just excited about starting at my new school - but now I am nervous!!!!

Calling all experienced Teachers - what do I do on the first day??????

This is what I am thinking about doing.

1) Introducing myself and getting them to introduce themselves.
2) Going over the classroom rules. (Do you think I should let them come up with Classroom rules????? - and then adapt them myself, OR just let them deal with my rules????
3) Get them to fill in my "Employee" details form - My way of introducing Businessy things getting their name, birthday, favourite music, films food etc and what their aims for the year is. My idea behind this is that I will find out a little about them which may be used when making materials up....

4) Go over what the course consists of.
5) Administration factors.

Arrghhhhh. So many things to think about- What happens if they don't like me. How can I settle my nerves so I don't look nervous.