Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The true sign of a real teacher is......

when you coun't down the days to your holidays! 3 DAYS TO GO!!!! Whooo hooo

I am exhausted, thankfully we have a holiday just around the corner - pity it was not longer.

I am starting to enjoy myself teaching - even although I don't think I am doing a good job. I was hoping to come into teaching and be good at it, but I am slowly learning that I am not going to be the best teacher in the world from day 1. I am making so many mistakes and I can see myself making them - but at least I am realising this and I am able to try and think of ways to improve them.

I think one of my biggest problems at the moment is that I don't feel comfortable in my classroom. The whole classroom set up has quite bad dynamics and as a result I feel this makes a difference to the environment in the classroom. For example, my classroom has had 20 Pc's squashed into it and 25 desks (2 rows of 10 desks in a row) and one row of 5. The chalkboard is to the left of the classroom (miles away from the pupils on the right) and the whiteboard is to the right (miles away from the pupils on the left). It makes it really difficult to teach, as I am unable to position myself in the middle. Plus, in some of my classes I have 30 children, which means the extra 25 have to sit around on the computer desks - which means they are not facing me. Its crammed!!!!!!

I hate not being good at something though, I care about these kids education a lot and sometimes I feel that I am failing them.

Any ideas on how to increase my confidence? Any hypnotic techniques which will make a good teacher?