Friday, November 03, 2006

Who wants to.....

be in an accounts class last last period on a Friday?????

Me but not the kids. As soon as they step foot in my classroom on friday afternoon its like the weekend has begun. I have tried to stimulate their little minds in other ways - like playing beat the class and what's in the accountant's bag - but even then they can't concentrate. At least I know its not just me - it happens to every teacher last period on a Friday.

But I love accounts!

Anyway, I had a sucessful lesson today with my fourth year class. I let two pupils "be the teacher" and write the other pupils' answers on the blackboard. They really enjoyed it and the whole class were quiet. Note to self - be interactive - get pupils to do the work.

All in all, a good day for Miss K.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Getting there.....


Teaching is the biggest rollercoaster EVER made. Seriously, sometimes I am on a high and sometimes I am steeply going down and wondering if I'll ever get my life back. One day I love it and some days I want to escape go back to uni (again) and be a student forever...and have lies in and watch Neighbours twice a day!

I am making progress though (I think) no, I KNOW!!!!! I have also discovered that, that is what the probation year is all about - learning and progression. If you don't learn then you are in the wrong job and if you don't progress then you are definitely doing something wrong.

I have discovered (from numerous people telling me) that initially I was being far too hard on myself and being over critical. But, its very hard not to be hard and critical of yourself when you want to be good at something. I was hoping to be superteacher from the word go, but have since realised that even teacher's who have been teaching for ages are still not 'perfect' and make mistakes too.

On the positive side, I have managed to move some of my classes to another classroom. Now remember I said that my classroom had a really bad layout? Well, 2 of the classes I have managed to get another classroom for. I still don't have a media projector or a OHP - just a blackboard, 30 desks and ME! But what I am trying to say is that the environment in the new classroom is far better and I now believe that the layout of the classroom and position of the blackboard/teacher are vital to teaching and learning.