Monday, January 23, 2006

1 Day down.......6 weeks to go.

Right ok, today I had an initial visit to my new School for my 2nd placement of my teachers' training course. I thought that my last school was good; but from first impressions my new school seems great. First of all, the PT and staff appear to be really supportive - which is fantastic news for a student teacher as we need all the help and support that we can get. Secondly, the school ethos and behavioural system seems excellent and as a result the pupils seem to be very well behaved. I hope that I will be happy there!!!! Fingers crossed. worst nightmare came true. Ok, not my worst nightmare - (that would be Westlife Splitting up or they stopped filming neighbours) but I have to teaching Programming in Computing, which is probably my weakest subject THAT I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT. Ok, that is an exaggeration but I am not confident at all about teaching it. Maybe....Ill use the techniques of Peer learning etc other kids can teach the class..RESULT
Please let this NOT be the bain of my life.

Think positive thoughts.
I can program.
I LOVE programming

Over and out.


David said...

LET LesleyKnowledge = NULL
FOR page = 1 to 999
LET LesleyKnowledge = VisualBasicBookPage(page)
Let PupilKnowledge = LesleyKnowledge - 1
Next page
PRINT "It's Easter holidays!"


LesleyJ said...

I think I understand what you are saying David.....I understand the Program. Very Clever

Alfred Thompson said...

Computer programming was my very favorite thing to teach. But then of course I was a professional programmer for 18 years before I entered the classroom. That being said, getting the kids who understand it all quickly to help can work wonders. If you want to look for resources to help you you can check out There are a lot of good things there. I have other links to resources at my blog. Good luck!

Duncan_ said...

Let PupilKnowledge = LesleyKnowledge - 1

Cutting a bit fine, don't you think?