Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Rule No 1.....When writing on the Whiteboard...


That is what I learned today. Luckily....I did not highlight this to my pupils or there would have been much abuse and slagging. My nails and hands are black from attemping to wipe it off from the board. Thankfully, all I had to write was a line!!!!!!!!

Despite that little accident things are going well, I feel a little more confident taking the classes now as I get to know the pupils. However, I do feel less confident about teaching the actual subject compared to my previous placement - but this is understandable as Bus Ed is my first subject. Now that I am on my computing placement - I am glad.

I have taken on board what my teacher has been saying to me regarding discipline and classroom management - which shows that I am willing to progress and improve.


Ollie Bray said...

Rule No 2

Don’t write on your interactive board with a permanent pen! And yes the kids did notice

Duncan_ said...

I can sympathise wholeheartedly.
Digging around in the desk drawer for whiteboard markers during a lesson last week, I came up with a black one and a nice fluorescent pink one, so I happily sketched away in glorious technicolor.
When the class teacher came back next day and asked if he could wipe my work off the board, we discovered that the lovely pink drawings weren't budging!
Luckily (for me), he had a bottle of some super-strength windolene in the cupboard, which instantly did the trick. But, for a moment there, I thought I would be paying for a new whiteboard.
(btw Judging by your blogging colour-scheme, you'd have loved my sketches!)

David said...

Possibly too late for this advice, but a handy tip is to write or scribble over the permanent ink with a real white board pen. There seems to be some sort of solvent in a whiteboard pen that lifts most permanent ink marks off.