Saturday, September 09, 2006

Living for the weekend!!!!

I am back!!!! Having just got connected to the internet I felt that it would be appropriate to post an entry in my blog - I have not dissapeared completely you will be pleased to know (well my mum still checks my blog).

3 weeks down and I feel like I have been in school for a lifetime. My pupils know my name but I have had difficulty in remember 70 names. They all look so similar!!!!!

How am I getting on?

Well, the first day went well and the second, and then the honeymoon period was over for the kids and its been non-stop ever since. I have paperwork coming out of my ears and my head has not stopped buzzing. For two weeks I could not get to sleep at night because my head was full of information and ideas and worries and stressers and panics....the list goes on. I am learning to chill now, but I have to remember, not only am I new to the profession but I am new to the school as well. I think it would be much easier if you were in the school that you did your placements - one less thing to think about. But I am not, and I am slowly beginning to find my feet - well my toes anyway.

One of the most hardest things I am finding about this whole teaching thing, is the fact that I may not be liked. Obviously with friendship etc you are use to being liked. I am slowly coming round to the concept that it is OK that kids may not like me. I am not there to be liked. I am there to educate!

I am trying not to say too much about my difficulties just incase some smart cookie decides to google my name and exploit my weaknesses. This could be my cryptonite! So if you are one of those smart cookies, I am actually a nice person.

Will I ever get my life back????


OLi said...

When are we going on Honeymoon?


Duncan__ said...

Looking forward to your post about this afternoon's reeeeeally informative (and totally not time-wasting) training session! ;-)

Chris said...

Will I ever get my life back????
- Yes, but in a way you have to *take* it back. So you need to get past this stage and wait till you have a bit of spare psychic energy left over. Right now you should give all your energy to making the job less stressful - it's worth it!

duffy said...

I know it's abit late for this, but I'll carry on anyway...

I find that it is easier to have them dislike or fear you in the first stages - it makes life easier for yourself, as the teacher, and introduces your class to "who is boss." Be a bit tough on them and kind of show them that they are not there to make *friends* with the teacher, but to listen and learn from them. Then, once the term progresses, lean off your classes and start becoming 'interested' in them and what they have in their lives. This works for me, and I found I got more respect for doing this, but everyone is different!

Best of Luck

David said...

Hello Lesley

Welcome back. I hope things are continuing to improve. You said that you had just about found your toes. Hopefully you have your feet by now... or at least one foot. :-)