Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It'g good to.....


I have recently discovered that teaching is not an individual activity - meaning you are not alone.

Just when you think that your lessons are crap and your behaviour management is bad - you talk to another teacher in another subject and they are having the same problems with the exact same bunch of kids. So ALL IS NOT BAD!!! I AM NOT ALONE..

I was having a particular problem with one teenager, who was not working in class and being slightly disruptive. Anyway, I was talking to my mentor about this kid and it turns out she also taught him/her. She was able to show me the work he/she had produced for her and she also gave me some hints on how to interact with him/her , having taught him/her for two years. This enabled me to motivate him/her into being more productive in class.

SO NOTE TO SELF: if you are having a problem - TALK TO OTHERS.


I am thinking about setting up a cheerleading club
in school. Good idea??


Kenneth... said...

You know what they say: a problem shared is great gossip for the rest of the staffroom. LOL

By the way you're not breaching confidentiallity by indicating the gender of the pupil. However you may wish to consider using "it" instead of "him/her" or just use "the pupil".

We are still waiting for the photos of your classroom to be posted on flickr.

Elissa said...

Cheerleading? Do they have a football team or someone to cheer, or is it for the sport itself? Either way sounds good and fun, for you and them!

I have been on my 1st week of my 1st placement this week and boy do I get you about talking to people. Its amazing, not just when people agree that so and so can be difficult but just in general about the school, pupils and teachers. I've learned so much this week about how not to commit major & minor faux pas with classes and other staff.

have a good one

Ewan McIntosh said...

Sometimes we have preconceptions about kids down to the first thing they do for us. At least you've seen what that kid is capable of and are now making the effort to get the best out of him. Many would prefer not to talk and continue to make him think he was a no-good good-for-nothing. Nice one ;-)

As for the cheerleading, something tells me that might get him working even more for you.... Is that really the rep you want? I'm only being flippant. I think it might go down really well. Who knows? Even the girls might take part ;-)

Jon said...

Hi Lesley,

This isn't actually a post for the blog (much as I like it!) but it's about the only way I can see to get in touch.

I work at the General Teaching Council in Edinburgh, looking after the content for the website. We're planning a new probationer website in January, with lots of articles and tips for surviving the probationer year. I'm really keen to get something on the site from probationers that are using blogs.

I think it'd be good to start with why you chose to start one, what you get out of it and what response you get. We could look at linking to it from then on, or ask you to write a short update for us once in a while. Lots to discuss!

There seem to be a few people replying to your posts, and maybe I can get them involved too as the months go on, but if you would be interested in writing a couple of hundred words for the new site, just let me know.

My email is and it'd be good to hear your thoughts.

Have a great weekend,


Duncan__ said...

Just one disruptive pupil, then? (And only "slightly disruptive", too.) You're lucky!