Monday, January 22, 2007

Its been a while....

Its been a while, I know....but that is teaching for you. Really, I have had nothing to complain about or worry about ( or I have but I am just learning to deal with things). anyone out there?

Does every teacher have a bad day and question whether teaching is for them or not??

I want to be a good teacher but it is just not happening. I can see the kids looking at me thinking "what on earth is she talking about?..she knows nothing". Its when I stand up in front of them..and rubbish comes out of my mouth. I felt more confident when I was a student teacher..its really strange.

And this year is going in sooo fast. I will be applying for permanent jobs very soon and it scares me...but yet it excites me also. I do love the school that I am in at the moment, but the idea of starting again sounds good....I can leave all my mistakes behind!!!! A fresh start!!!! Sometimes I wish I could turn back the clock and change a few things!


Mrs. O'Neill's Blog said...


Can't speak for every teacher -but I know that I have days when I wonder whether or not I am any good as a teacher!
I returned to teaching after a long gap and frequently doubted my abilities.
Don't go by what your pupils appear to be thinking. I had a pupil -who is also a neighbour- sit yawning ostentatiously throughout a lesson. Weeks later his mother told me word for word what I'd said (about ageism:)and how much he liked it.
I would never have guessed.
Hang on in there!

ab said...

I agree with Mrs o'Neill here Lesley - hang on in there - there are unfortunately plenty of days that everything seems to go wrong for me. Quite often it takes the most unusual comment from one of your kids (or colleagues even) to make your realise what you are doing is incredibly worthwhile and appreciated.

Ewan said...

It comes in waves and is not unique to teaching, either. At this time of year it seems that all you can do is teach to the test but it's worth just taking a look from afar - go and have a walk up a hill or something and then look again at what you are really trying to do with the kids. Sometimes that's all it takes to realise what you could do to make things easier on yourself or the kids.

Stick in!

Victoria said...

I just wanted to say thank you. Its really nice to know that there are other people having rubbish days and its not all just me who is finding this all very difficult.

I hope everything is going well for you.

Thanks again.