Sunday, September 05, 2010

The Probationer becomes a Mentor

So it really has been a while. I think 2007 was my last post.
I have been a teacher now for 4 years and how time flies when you are having fun...or (rather being busy). To think that all those years ago I was posting about: not being able to do the job, thinking about leaving teaching, getting stressed out because of the work load. Well, not too much has changed from those days because I still have days like I did in my probation year but it does get easier and more enjoyable.

The probationer has now become a mentor (not exactly sure if I'm a great mentor) but I am still a mentor. I use to believe that I was completely under qualified to mentor a probationer however now I believe I have the confidence and experience to guide someone who is at the stage that I was only 4 years ago. It actually makes you revaluate your teaching and inspire you to do better in the classroom.

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