Wednesday, November 09, 2005

My fiirst lesson....arrrghhh.

First week of my placement

When the class teacher told me yesterday that I should start a new topic with the class, I felt the nerves travel from my head to my foot. A day to prepare. Yikes!!!!! My previous preparations involved a couple of days. That was the gym out for me last night.....

I was nervous about doing it, but I had to realise, that was what I was there for, and the sooner I get in their the better. When I said to my Dad when I told him I thought that I was being thrown in at the deep end, he told me that "I would just have to get in the water and swim", and he told me "you are a pretty good swimmer". That gave me the confidence that I needed for today.

I got on fine (I think). I appeared confident in my lesson, however my classroom management needs a lot of work. But, I have only been in charge for 1 hour, so I know that I can improve on this.....

To Probation year......and beyond.

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David said...

Hello Lesley

Diving into teaching and diving into blogging on the same day? I'm impressed!

Speaking as a dad, I was pleased to see that you still listen to your dad's advice. I will need to show this to my own daughters. :-)

I am very glad to hear that your first full lesson went so well. Seeing that there is room to improve is, I think, a good thing. I hope that I'll never think that I've got this teaching thing sussed, or that I don't need to learn or improve anymore!

Looking forward to hearing how you get on tomorrow.