Friday, November 11, 2005

Senior pupils...a little scary!!

Today, was more of an observation day but I did have experience of being in a Higher Accounts class. My PT said "how do you fancy taking a couple of lessons soon". Again, I felt the nerves from head to foot and I said that I would see how things go. He then gave me the opportunity to go around the class and help them with questions, and I surprisingly did good (in my opinion). This was the first day that I really felt like a teacher, and I totally enjoyed being in with senior pupils. I was able to explain the concepts to them, without even thinking. Since it had been almost 3 years since I have done any accounting, I was amazed how much I actually remembered from my degree!!!!!!! The senior pupils were more focused to their work, and in general I felt it was a nice atmosphere to work in, and I look forward to being involved in more Higher classes.

I also shared the concept of Blogging today with another student in my department, and maybe she will be the next blogger.

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David said...

Morer bloggers. Good stuff! :-)