Saturday, November 26, 2005

Star???? OR DisaSTAR???

Pheww!!!! Glad that one is over.

I had my crit yesterday, and I am so relieved that the first one is over. It went well, but I know that I could have done better. I think in the first 15 minutes I was really nervous, and that kinda impacted on my mind, cause I forgot what I was suppose to be doing (questioning the pupils etc) so I felt that what came out of my mouth was just garbage, and at one point I think the kids were thinking I was on something!!!!!!!!

I was doing group work with the pupils, which was something they have not done before. For once, they were given the opportunity to talk and I have never seen them so quiet. The pace of the lesson was a bit slow, even I was boring myself at one point!!!!!

There was no major problems, I felt that I was more ascertive than usual- but then at other points I was not. That is one of the areas I need to work on, being them very excplicit. Other than that, I got quite a good report. My strengths were identified as:

-My creativity.
-My rapport and interaction with the pupils.
-My hardworking attitude and enthusiasm.

I have decided that the classroom management will eventually come, if I just work at it.

As Patch Adams said last night

"Never focus on the problem.........always focus on the solution"

Thanks for all the comments on my last entry. It is much appreciated.


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Anne Davis said...

What great strengths to have! A teacher friend once told me that the one with the most flexibility is the one in control. There is much truth in that! Your creativity will keep you active coming up with solutions. Yes, the classroom management will come!