Monday, November 28, 2005

Driven to quality Cava.

I decided that when I started teaching, that I would become T-total. I lasted until this weekend...I felt the need to consume a couple of glasses of quality Cava, and boy was it good.

After the week I had, I think I deserved a little treat. Still, I did not completely let my hair done, it was consumed whilst typing away at my laptop preparing PowerPoint presentations for First Years..

Thats all I have to say today.

More tomorrow

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OLi said...

You'll never know that your my Heroooooooooooo(ine) your every thing I wish I could be!!!!!!!(hold obviously) I can fly Higher than an Eagle (it cost me $50 million Dollars(who you think you got Chelsea Clinton!?)) Coz you are the Pimp beneath my beeHatch