Monday, December 12, 2005

Dairy Milk is the better option!!!

In response to David's last comment, I believe that Dairy Milk is more of a safe option. Opinion polls show that Dairy Milk is the favourite, and seeing as I am allergic to egg (and Mars Bars have egg in it) I would not give eggy sweets to the kids. This is more of a selfish reason really, because if they refuse to take a prize, I can eat it instead.

It is my last week of school this week, and just when you start to feel comfortable in a place it is time to leave. I have enjoyed myself in school, but I need a break. I also need to go back to uni to learn more. I have been to 97% of the lectures at uni, but this experiences has taught me that I should go to ALL of them. Did anyone see Teacher Teacher on BBC 1 last week? Well, one of the students said that he did not feel that he needed to go to lectures because they were all s**T . I totally disagree, I am not sure what Aberdeen University is like, but the majority of the lectures at Jordanhill are really interesting. Sure, some of the lectures are a bit dry sometime - but the majority of the lectures are very interesting and worthwhile. Saying that lectures are a big pile of horse crap is nonsense, and it's a rude really. For once in my life - I do not fall asleep at lectures!!!!!

I was really embarrassed today too. My text message alert tone is of one of my friends saying "Two steps back man, two steps back" in a really deep American accent. (A Summer camp thing from two years ago -featuring a New York Police Man and a traffic cone)!!!! Anyhoo. It went off infront of all the staff when we were having coffee!!!!!! The think I am very strange was funny.

Speaking of Summer Camp that is a whole different topic, I actually might start a blog for that too...

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OLi said...

You inspire me Lesley.
And you make me want to be a better person.

Make me want though.
In about an hour I'll want to be the Sherminator again. And then after that an 8 year old in a Chocolate factory.

Oh yes I want.
But I dont be, want am think change ... like!