Thursday, December 15, 2005

I'm a student teacher.......get me out of here.

Today is my last day of my first placement!!!! And boy I am tired. If any of my friends (who are not teachers ) comment that teachers have an easy life, what with all those holidays. I will have SOMETHING to say to them. Teacher's work really really hard, and I salute them for that.

Overall, I have enjoyed my placement at the school. I have had a really supportive department which was a huge asset to me. I know my areas that I need to work on, and I know what my strengths are. Hopefully I will be able to turn my weaknesses into strengths and my strengths into stronger ones. But, I still need to go back to university in order to learn more and prepare myself for my next placement (wherever that may be). I just hope that next placement will be good, if not better than the first.

I have accepted that sometimes kids just behave badly, and if you have a bad class - it is not necessarily your fault. You can help them in the best way that you can. I still need to work on 'being the boss', which I am finding it hard to do. My parents seem to think that this should be easy for me because apparently I am very bossy at home. What I have realised that I am only bossy when I am comfortable in a place, but as time goes on I will have more confidence in the classroom, so being 'the boss' should come eventually.

Anyway, I am about to have my last class here at this school. I am taking another teacher's class who is absen, so that should be fun. I intend not to shout, because I have developed that sore throat and cold that teachers seem to get this time of year.

I am off to London on Monday for a well deserved break with one of my friends (who is also doing her PGCE). We got a really good mini-break deal - and are going to see NOT 1 musical, but 2.(we are musical buffs). Billy Elliot on the Monday and Guys and Dolls (starring Nigel Harman) on Tuesday night.


Anne Davis said...

Hi Lesley,
Enjoy your break! You have indeed earned it. I have loved reading your blog and sure hope you will continue blogging! I think you are going to be a wonderful teacher. I blogged about you today on my blog EduBlog Insights at

David said...

If your not exhausted, you're not doing it properly! :-)

Thanks for sharing some of the things you've gone through this term. My guess is that you've been bitten by the blog bug hard enough that you'll keep us posted on what happens once you are back with us at Jordanhill. Have a good break... but don't forget Assignment 1. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lesley,

I read each and every post of yours and it really helps me to understand "teaching" from the view point of a learner.

My mother is looking for a girl for me and she wants a teacher(my entire family is obssessed about education and teaching).I am
a senior executive(academics) in an Indian educational company where my primary job is to find new growth opportunities.

The odds are that you will laugh out or might even get offended but the bottomline is that I am not going to repent for rest of my life that I didn't proposed such a nice teacher.

Would you marry me ? :-)


Emma DW said...

Hi Lesley,
I've just found your blog from Anne Davies' blog!

I've had a skim through - and it's a wonderful read! Thanks for sharing it. I wish I'd had something like this when I was doing my PGCE, but, sadly, in the late 80s we only had a BBC in the classroom; certainly no internet!

I can fully sympathise with the feelings of complete exhaustion at the end of a TP (it was the only thing that's ever given me a migraine). Have a wonderful time in London - (am hoping to get to Billy Elliot myself, so would be good to hear about that.)

For now, however, many thanks for a wonderfully insightful blog.


OLi said...

You are still seeing that nasty bit of Nigel Harman behind my back!! you can forget about coming to the Zoo with me! and who is this foregin fellow that wants your hand in marriage!!

oooooooooo!!! You want your cake and eat it and have another one!

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