Friday, May 05, 2006

The Calm after the storm...

In Glasgow and the West Coast...we had major thunder and lightening storms last night. It surprisingly has had quite a calming effect on all the pupils. Weird huh?

Anyway...I am back in teaching my 1st subject...and I am enjoying it. I have a lot less classes this time but it is mostly due to the fact that senior pupils are off on study leave for their exams. So I have plenty free time in order to develop resources etc etc..

What I have found challenging how to cope with pupils who have major learning difficulties...I find it difficult to know how to allocated my time between those who have learning diffiulties and those who are stuck on various things. I am teaching Spreadsheets at the moment...and its very difficult when they are at different levels. I try to encourage peer learning...this will help.


Jayne said...

Hey, yeah the weather was awful last night eh! Just thought id leave u a wee message. where abouts is ur placement? i am also a student teacher, but doin primary teaching, also goin to be a probationer in August, hopefully!

Duncan__ said...

I have a lot less classes this time.
You're lucky -- my PT thoughtfully gave me extra classes to replace the missing S4s. Grrrr!