Monday, December 11, 2006

Winding down

Thought I'd put a picture of me here...This is me in London pretending to be a Dj!!!!!

Only two weeks to go until Christmas!!! Whoo hoo. Don't get me wrong...I am liking my job but I am in real need of a holiday...I am starting to wind down for the Christmas I too early????


I still have lots of work to do however, Marking!!!!!! I have finished marking my 4th year prelims and I must say I am both very surprised and very disappointed with some of the results. The ones that I thought would pass, did not and the ones who I was concerned about - did!!!! I dunno.

Off that topic...I was thinking about starting up a homework blog with one or two of my classes. Can anyone think of any suggestions as to how I may use a blog for homework.
I was thinking about offering it as homework help/reminder thing. Has anyone got a homework blog already??

What do you think?

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David said...

Neil Winton (an English teacher with impeccable taste in music) has a blog for his Higher English class. (And a wiki too!) You might get some ideas from there. He's a good chap and I'm sure he'd get back to you fairly quickly is you ask him for help/ideas.