Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The night before.......

Tomorrow is my last crit of my first placement, and I am surprising calm. Although this morning I was full of nerves, but I think I was more nervous for the computing student that is in my department, than for me. I have all my materials prepared but I just need to get mentally prepared. This should in theory be easy for me, seeing as I use to be a cheerleader at university - but when it comes to pepping myself up, it's a little bit different. The class that I have for my crit tomorrow is really quite tough, the majority of them are boys who constantly talk. Here's hoping that the content should be interesting enough to keep them on task, and behave for their teacher. I am having a competition towards the end of the lesson, so this may bribe them into doing some productive work. We are studying the topic of marketing, and I have decided to do promotion with them. I am introducing examples of how IRN-BRU promotes their product, so this should give them something to relate too. Plus IRN-BRU has a fantastic website, which should keep them amused. I am having a quiz competition towards the end of the lesson, which I have called Miss Kettles's Slogan Challenge.

Here's hoping I get "the buggars to behave" for me.

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