Friday, December 02, 2005

Taste Testing......

First of all today, I felt really good about one of my classes. They were really focused and I never had to raise my voice once.

My taste test on the other-hand was not so well done. As it was 5th period (after lunch) and a Friday, the kids were very chatty and I had a hard time settling them and getting them to do work. What part of stop talking do kids not understand. I did try the whole positve behaviour thing, wherby I commented that the left side of the room were working extremely hard- and they know the meaning of the words "productive working". This seemed to work for 5 minutes or so. Then I did my blind taste test, which kinda back-fired.

I wanted to see if they could taste the different between Walkers Dorritos and Sainbury's own Cool Flavoured Crisps and was hoping that there would be mixed opinions. But they all voted for Doritos!!!!!!!! I was still able to generate some good answers from it though.

But, I am starting to get worried. This class is the class which I will have my next crit with, and they are a really difficult bunch to control. Hopefully having a tutor in the class, will make them be quiet.

Ahhhhh time for a glass of wine I think.

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Chris said...

For my last two years in school I had a Standard Grade class of mixed-ability boys - with no "top", as they had been creamed off. There were two boys with Special Needs and several others borderline - as well as some bright but wayward sparks. Mornings, they were fine. Afternoons - different creatures altogether. Eventually, I told them I couldn't stand them in the afternoon. They agreed with me - sympathised, even - but it made not a blind bit of difference to their behaviour.
Why I'm telling you this is to reassure you that this just happens. You can try strategies like not expecting too much in "bad" periods - concentrate on not flogging a dead horse (you or them!) but try to relax your work expectations and concentrate on behavioural ones. Give them stuff which will give you a bit of peace and them something individual to do. Like blogging???
And repetitions of "stop talking" are useless. Get silence by something dramatic and then jump on anyone the moment they break it. Worth trying.