Saturday, April 07, 2007

Hard work pays off

I have not made an entry in my blog for a long time, but since its the Easter holidays and I have nothing much else to do, I thought that I would blog it.

Anyway, since the last time I wrote, I have been really busy in school (like most teachers at this time) marking projects etc and getting pupils prepared for exams.

Not only that but I was busy filing out application forms for jobs....and I am glad to say that I have got a permanent job in the school that I am currently in. I am sooo excited and happy that I will be staying in a school for longer than a year and I am very fortunate as jobs are very hard to come by. My hard work throughout the year has obviously paid off. I believe that the main reason that I got the job, was not the fact that I am a fabulous teacher or anything (YET) but the fact that I am continually striving to better myself and that I am 100% committed to working with pupils. I obviously have lots of development to do( what teacher has'nt) but I am a lucky that I am able to do it in the school that I am currently in.

My advice to anyone applying for jobs at the moment is:

  • Big up yourself - sell yourself and always be positive.
  • Always relate everything you do back to the benefit of pupils.
  • Show your enthusiam.
  • Smile lots and show that you love teaching.
  • Practice answers in your head before you have an interview.

I know that next year is going to be even tougher for me. Especially since the other member of my department is leaving - and I may have to teach Advanced Highers.!!!! But I am looking forward to the challenge and seeing pupils develop through the stages!!!!


Johny Teach said...
glad it's going good :-)

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