Wednesday, November 16, 2005

As Yazz sang "The only way is up..."...

Yesterday I felt really deflated after my lesson, and thought I was a hopeless case. Today, my lesson went well, I felt a lot more in control of the children sorry pupils (still obviously to work on lots of things). Part of the reason that the lesson went better was the fact I was more prepared. I stayed up till 12.30am to make sure I had everything organised. I feel that my confidence is growing each day and I am enjoying it a lot more. I suppose in teaching, you will have your good days and bad days- but what I like about it, is that every day is different.

Today in class I was able to experience what the teacher does in case of pupils being under the influence of alcohol. There was no big scene or eruption in the class, the teacher discretely took the pupil out of class and then delt with the matter. I am starting to believe that shouting at the kids and ranting and raving does no good, it makes things worse.

Does anyone out their have any suggestions for me to silence the class or make them work silently, without raising my voice.

The only way is up,baby for you and me now.


David said...

See yesterdays comments for some suggestions, but yes, sometimes the teachers reation can make things worse. Children can be experts at pressing all the right buttons to push you over the edge - especially when you've been up until 12:30. :-)

Anne Davis said...

Sometimes I would go to the front of the class and begin speaking in a very quiet voice. Curiosity would get the best of them.

Also, think about making them part of the solution. Find something unique that makea a little noise and make it work for you. Explain to the students why you need a signal for quiet and let them help you devise one.

Sometimes I would just turn the lights on and off quickly. That got their attention.