Saturday, November 19, 2005

Under pressure......pressing down on me pushing down you.

Ok so I might have got the Queen words right, but the fundamentals are the same. I met with my friends from Jordanhill today, and we all feel "Stressed out" man. Although I am saying that we are stressed out, I don't think we really mean it. This is because we are all enjoying what we are doing, and I believe that is a really positve sign. We certainly are under pressure, but if we come up with the results - surely we are doing something right.

Anyway, yet another Saturday, and I find myself infront of the computer for the duration of the day. Thank goodness for Starbucks, that was my bit of relaxation for the day.

I bumped into a friend from Inverness funnily enough in there too, that cheered me up.

I aslo predicted that tonight on X-factor that somebody would sing a "Take That Song, seeing as Take that has been in the media for the past week. And Shayne sang it!!!!!!! How good am I????????

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