Monday, November 14, 2005

Thank goodness for the.......student teacher.

I had my first experience of a 'please take' this morning, or rather 'take', when the teacher in my class that I was only observing had to go an deal with an important issue. It was Standard Grade administration and all I had to do was go over a sheet of office duties. The blank faces that sat infront of me either did not have a scoobie about what I was talking about, or they were bored stiff. I reckon it was a mixture of the two. Anyway I battled my way through the sheet trying to come up with examples etc to try and make it a wee bit more interesting. It just shows you that if you are not prepared for a class, things can be dreadfully tedious - for you and the pupils.

I am learning to paddle in the shallow end now!!!!!!

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David said...

One of my worst experiences on my first teaching practice was being asked to take the last 15 minutes of a lesson on percentages by the teacher just before he walked out of the room. Sink or swim? I'm afraid I sunk! Your class may have been bored, but at the one I took was left with a lasting impression that I didn't know anything about maths... probably true. :-)