Friday, November 18, 2005

A sign of weakness??????

Ok, today I went and asked my PT if I could have a couple of extra periods free. I was asking this simply because I believe that I am falling behind on preparing my port-folio (for non-jordanhillers this is a file that we have to fill out, making observations and documenting our personal experiences). I know that come next year I will have about 17 classes to teach and prepare for, however we won't have the continual portfolio work to complete. I am working 100% already, and their is simply not enough time.

My PT was very understandable and allowed me the extra hours to take off, but what I am wondering is, will he see this as a sign that I am not coping???? Or will he appreciate that I asked for help?? I wish I had never asked now, because it seemed like I thought I was being hard done by., when I don't.

By the way, I recommend anyone doing a post graduate course in something else prior to completing a teaching PGCE. This time last year, I was totally busy doing my PG Dip in IT- and I thought I would never see my friends or get my life back again. The amount of work I had to do for that, is similar to the amount of work for this. Although I feel that this is more rewarding personally - that getting a program to work!!!!! Although that can also be satisfying.

Since Harry Potter is SOLD out, my friends and I are going to see something else at the cinema to De-stress.

Can't wait for a lie in (till 9am)/ Yippeeee

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Anne Davis said...

It's not a sign of weakness. It's a sign of being human. Build in those moments to De-stress!