Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Never discuss AGE infront of the kids.

Ok, second mistake. NEVER mention age infront of the kids. I was talking about Governments doing a census every 10 years, and one boy asked me how old you have to be to be to do one. I said over 18, then I said later on that I did one in 2001. Another boy asked me if I was 18 then, and I said that I was much older (even although I was only 19). They preceeded on telling me that I look really young, "Like 17 Miss".

I am coming up for 24, and so I am still quite young. But how do I give appear older to the kids? Or should my age be an issue. If they see me as being young, does this mean that they will have less respect for me. I don't want my age to become an issue, but apart from wearing bulky cardigans and nora Batty tights, I dont know how I can appear older. Or should I?????

OMG I am finding teaching a tough job, and I have only been in it less than 4 weeks!!!!! But I am enjoying it nontheless.

One of the kids asked me "what id santa bringing you" (A third year boy - trying to be smart) I told him that I wanted a break...........

a break...maybe for a week or so.


Chris said...

I always found it easier to be quite upfront about age. I told them it was irrelevant, but that I didn't want them to waste their time (and mine, and everyone else's) speculating. Latterly, of course, it was a matter for celebration that I was old enough to be about to retire!

The main difficulty when you're young and look younger is that you have to establish the distance between you and the pupils. I realise now that I was far more of a bastard when I was young (and looked 18) than when I was old enough to be their mum. Having my own kids (and an 8-year career break) returned me to teaching as a different person. Try thinking yourself into the role before you go into the classroom. We wore gowns (!) when I started (late '60s) over our mini-skirts, and putting it on was a symbolic act.
Your'e not their pal - no matter how friendly you or they feel. You're their teacher. Neither side has to forget that.

PanKap said...

I am not a teacher but I think mentioning age in front of teacher really makes a student lot more comfortable to discuss ideas,problems or doubts ....


Don said...

Got your link from Chris. I'm also a teacher here in Dunoon, Argyll & Bute.

Age has never really been much of an issue in my teaching. I have never tried to con or hide it from the kids and I even sometimes use it to put over how we can have very different points of view.

I did try to be clever when I started way back then and when asked how old I was I told them to guess. I must have been about 22 or 23 at the time. The kids started guessing at 30 and then worked upwards! Maybe I've never looked young. Don't let it worry you. You'll have far more to worry about throughout your career!

Good advice from Chris. I like laughter in the classroom, but there's always that dividing line and the kids need to know it. Good Luck.

Take care. :)

OLi said...

I dont care what age you look Lesaleee I still think your beautiful and fun and I think we should move to Sesame Street and adopt Elmo and the Grouch.


Anne Davis said...

I still can remember my first year of teaching. Students guessed my age. One said 18 and another guessed 80!